Top 5 Highest paying IT Jobs in 2022

Read all about the Highest paying IT jobs in 2022. For technology professionals, there is always a high demand with the right skillsets in the job market.

  • Block chain Engineer – $150,000
  • Software Architect – $114,000
  • Big Data Engineer – $140,000
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect – $130,000
  • Data Scientist – $150,000
Image source: pixabay

1. Data Scientist

Data Scientist is the highest paying jobs across industries and sectors. There has been an increase in demand year over year for data scientists. Since 2013 there is 29 percent increase and an increase of 344% dramatic upswing. To make the organizations better and to give timely decisions, a data scientist analyzes and interprets the complex data.

In any Organization a data scientist should be able to do this following:

  1. Machine Learning Algorithms should be able to understand.
  2. He should know how to create the data models
  3. He should identify the business issues and has to provide the appropriate solutions.
  4. Code in languages like SAS, R, Python and other analytical tools.

A Data scientist yearly salary can be as high as $150,000. In 2022, this is the highest paying job role. However, if any one choose this data scientist as their field, it offers various opportunities to the scientists and gives the salary potential. Within the data domain, the data analysts and data architects both are the highest paid tech jobs, which are most demand job roles in 2022.

2. Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

Today in the technology one of the best paying job is IoT Solutions Architect. As well as understanding IoT solutions, one should have strong knowledge in hardware design and architecture, Programming skills, a comprehension of Machine Learning. Whereas v The IoT solutions architect is a leadership role and is responsible for translating business needs into solution architecture necessities.

This is the highest paying tech job, anually you can earn an average of over $130,000.

3. Big Data Engineer

Each day the internet users generate the data about 2.5 quintillion bytes. From such a huge amount of data to gain insights over 97 percent of organizations are started investing in AI and Big Data.

The skills required for a Big Data architect include:

  1. A Big Data architect should be able to understand Hadoop, data warehousing technologies, Spark and NoSQL
  2. Data Visualization skills and programming skills
  3. Need excellent communication skills.

The Big Data architect yearly average salary is $140,000

4. Software Architect

To develop prototypes, a software architect perform hands-on work and they identify requirements of customers.

The skills requires for a software architect are:

  1. Should be able to understand the software architecture.
  2. Have a knowledge on good programming skills and Data modelling
  3. Must have Strong analytical skills

However, In India the software architects demand is all time high and salaries in india for this job role can be range from 24 lakhs to 40 lakhs rupees annually.

5. Block chain Engineer

A blockchain engineer spends significant time in creating and carrying out design and arrangements utilizing blockchain innovation. The overall spending on blockchain arrangements is supposed to arrive at 15.9 billion by 2023, significance there will be a lot of interest for blockchain specialists, across businesses and geologies.

From a higher perspective a blockchain specialist ought to have strong programming abilities and a careful comprehension of the innovations behind Ripple, R3, Ethereum and Bitcoin as well as agreement techniques and the security convention stacks, crypto libraries and capabilities.

The typical yearly compensation of a blockchain engineer is more than $150,000.