Process of Linking PAN Card with Bank Account : How to Apply

Process of Linking PAN Card with the Bank Account

The Government of India has now made it mandatory for the people to link their PAN Card number with the Bank accounts to do the transactions through them and also for purpose of Income Tax Returns. Now you can link your PAN Card with Your Bank account by the following three Methods.

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Through Internet Banking

If you don’t have time to vist the bank to link your PAN Card with your bank account, now you can do it from home or office. Here is the process that you need to follow:

Step 1: Open the Website of your bank. And go to the login page of Internet Banking.

Step 2: Enter your User ID and Password and then login to your Internet Banking Account.

Step 3: Click on the Option ‘Service Requests’.

Step 4: Select the option ‘PAN Card Updation’.

Step 5: Now Enter your PAN, Date of Birth as mentioned on your PAN Card and also enter your registered e-mail address with the bank.

Step 6: After ReChecking the details of that you entered, Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 7: Now in a couple of days your PAN will be linked with your Bank Account.

Note:  Different banks will have a different online portal for linking PAN Card with the Bank account. So the steps mentioned above are only generic and not specific to any bank.

Through Phone

PAN Card will also be linked with your bank account even if you don’t have any internet access at home. First make a call to customer care of the bank. And follow the IVR step by step. Here the process that you have to follow:

Step 1: Call the Toll free number customer care of your bank. You will get this toll free number on your passbook, chequebook and on other documents.

Step 2: Go through the options of IVR and connect with the PAN Card customer care Executive.

Step 3: Inform to the Executive that you want your PAN to be linked with your bank account.

Step 4: To verify your credentials, they will ask some questions like your account number, address, debit card number, etc.,

Step 5: Tell your PAN to the executive and confirm whether he has entered the correct PAN.

Step 6: Once the registration is completed, to process your request, it will take another two days and the bank will link your PAN with bank account.

Note: The steps mentioned above may vary from one bank to another bank.

Through Offline Mode

For those who are not familiar and don’t have the access to mobile banking and internet banking, they can visit the nearest branch of the bank. You will get the bank account linked with PAN by following few simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the home branch of your account opened and is being operated.

Step 2: Ask for the PAN Updation form (KYC) and fill the form completely. Do not overwrite or make mistakes in the form.

Step 3: Submit Following Documents:

  • PAN updation form (KYC)
  • A Self attested copy of your PAN Card
  • A letter that addressing the Branch Manager regarding to linking PAN with your Bank Account.

Step 4: After the Submission your PAN will be linked with your Bank Account.

FAQs on Linking PAN with your Bank Account

Q. How to link PAN Card with your Bank Account online?

Ans: By using your bank’s mobile app or through internet banking.

Q. Shall I open a Bank account without My PAN Card?

Ans: No, If you want to open a Bank account, PAN is mandatory. You should have to provide it.

Q. What happens if my PAN Card is not linked with My Bank Account?

Ans: In case if your PAN is not linked with your Bank account, Opening a fixed deposit account, depositing the cash more than Rs. 50,000 is not possible.

Q. How can we know how many accounts we have with our PAN number?

Ans: To know how many accounts are linked to our PAN number, login to the Official portal of income tax e-filling and enter User ID and Password. And find the option verify your bank account details.