Back up and restore of your WhatsApp chats with Google Drive

In order to back up the whatsapp chats to google drive, First on your phone you will need a google account activated and also install google play services on your phone.

 The back up of all your chats to google drive will be easily allowed by whatsapp. If you want to change your google account, you will have an option to change the account but if you do that, in any previous account backups that you saved then you will loss to acess that backups.

In this article you will know about how to backup your whatsapp chats to google drive and restore them.

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Whtaspp: Back up Your chats with google drive

Step 1: Open your Android smartphone and open whatsapp on your phone. Now head to the settings section.

Step 2: Now tap on chats > Back up chat > Back up to google drive.

Step 3: Select a backup frequency other than Never. At any time you want to backup your chats to google drive, Alternatively you can also choose to manually back up.

Step 4: After choosing back up frequency, select the google account to back up your chat history to. If you are not connected to Google account, you can tap on Add account and enter your login credentials.

Step 5: Cellular data network will result in additional data charges so it is better to use Wi-Fi for back up.

Whatsapp: Restore your chat history on Android

The process will take a few minutes and is very simple to restore Whatsapp chats from Google drive. In order to restore your chats, whatever phone number and Google Account you used for back up, you have to use the same phone number and Google account to restore your chats.

To know more about the restore of chats, keep reading the following steps:

Step 1: On your phone just reinstall the Whatsapp app. You can restore the chats via Google Drive. Verify your mobile number by opening the messaging app.

Step 2: From Google Drive to restore your chats and media tap on the “Restore” button.

Step 3: After the completion of restoration process, just tap on Next. Once the initialization is completed then your chats will be displayed.

Note: Once your chats are restored then Whatsapp begins restore your media files. Without any prior backups from Google Drive, if you install Whatsapp then automatically Whatsapp will restore from your local backup file. As per Whatsapp your phone will only stores up to the last seven days for the worth of local backup files. So in Google Drive backing up files would be a better option.

FAQs on Backup and Restore of WhatsApp Chat

Q. How long does the WhatsApp chat backups last?

Ans: WhatsApp backups are tied to the phone number and Google Account. If the WhatsApp backups that have not been updated in 5 months, then it will be automatically deleted by the Google.

Q. How many times we have to backup the WhatsApp Chat?

Ans: The instant messaging app gives you 4 options: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. For those who opt for the daily, their chats will be saved everyday. Moreover, WhatsApp data can be transferred to the new phone by restoring it from google drive or from a local backup.

Q. How do I restore My 5 Year old WhatsApp messages?

Ans: Now it is easy to recover the old WhatsApp messages by uninstall WhatsApp and restore the Google backup, restore iCloud backup or Android local backup on your phone.

Q. Are deleted WhatsApp messages will gone forever?

Ans: When you delete a message on WhatsApp, it will get disappear. However, its not gone forever. Your messages will be stored in the cloud (Google drive or iCloud). They also stored on your device.

Q. Can I use Whatsapp on 2 phones with same number?

Ans: There is no option to have the WhatsApp account with two phone numbers. Your Whatsapp account will be verified with only one number on one phone. If you having a dual sim phone, you have to choose only one number to verify with WhatsApp..